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VTC or taxi, that is the question

En sélectionnant une voiture de luxe, vous bénéficierez de tarifs abordables, de chauffeurs professionnels et de véhicules de qualité. En fonction de votre budget, il existe différentes offres, de la classe économique à la classe affaires.

Louez une voiture avec chauffeur dans les villes les plus populaires de la France aux conditions les plus favorables. Pour louer un véhicule avec chauffeur, vous devez obtenir un devis et le compléter. Vous devrez indiquer le type de voyage (aller simple, aller-retour, horaire, personnalisé), la date et l’heure de début, l’adresse de prise en charge et de destination, le nombre de passagers. Ensuite, vous devrez indiquer le type de véhicule, la classe de voiture et la langue du conducteur expérimenté.

VTC, luxury taxi for VIP ?

No one has been able to escape (unless they are a hermit living at the bottom of a cave or at the top of a mountain) from the psychodramatic soap opera that opposes VTC and taxis, especially since applications such as UBER or HEETCH, sadly famous since their diffusion then ban were done in pain. We knew our friends who were pretty bloody taxis (to be polite) but the apps that allow everyone to become a private driver on their own account have ended up setting fire to the powder.

Applications, VTC and taxis, the war continues.

It is on this powder keg that the already tense situation with the (moderate) clashes against the profession (entirely legal this one) of the VTC literally exploded, leading the taxi drivers to commit the irreparable, ie violence physical and verbal and protest movements with blocking of strategic places and locations which led to a climate of insecurity and ultimately to physiscal consequences to the clients or even forstars, which prompted to the buzz and the evaluation of the profession and by the same taxi drivers. At some points the fault also is to the laxist government, which one more time, did not take the good decision at the good time and let everything went worse until these uncontrolled confusion seen recently.

Finally, taxi driver or VTC ?

At last, the winners are the VTC. All these events made profit on the Tourism Vehicule with Driver profession and they have managed to keep a cool head towards outburst of violence by the taxi drivers. However, chose carefuly your VTC, the openness to the competitors due to the relaxation of the standards to the professionstill llowed few « margoulins » to exercise and like taxis, there are good and bad VTC. With Excellium Limousine you will not have bad, this experienced in VTC (formerly concierge) has an excellent reputation and enjoys a beautiful image and notoriety by all the celebrities and stars who are among its clients.

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